Manual – Basic edition (twin feed)


  • The twin-feed nozzle kit is a new development, allowing for both sides of the chain to be lubricated simultaneously.
  • The product will not invalidate any manufacturers warranty and is simple and quick to fit.
  • This kit is suitable for most bikes, however, if your machine’s sprocket mounting bolts are very close to the edge of the sprocket, it is possible that the bolts will foul a twin feed nozzle and therefore a single feed nozzle kit should be considered instead.
  • Investing in a twin-feed nozzle kit is ideal for those customers who are looking to maximise their chain and sprockets life.
  • Just fill the reservoir, turn the oiler on at the start of your journey and turn it off again at the end- Simple 🙂

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See the Twin feed Nozzle fitting guide here


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