Troubleshooting Guide


Got a problem? don’t worry we are here to help but before getting in touch run though the troubleshooting guide below. 99% of the time you will find the issue and its solution will be here.
Please browse through to find the symptoms listed below and click the links to find the solution.

Oil is only dripping from one side of twin feed nozzle

The clear Reservoir Tube is cracked or appears to be leaking around the base

  • The oiler unit has been hit by the swing arm when suspension is under FULL  compression cracking the clear acrylic reservoir in its O ring groove.
  • The clear Acrylic reservoir has been rotated around in its socket and the O ring seal has been damaged.
  • Oil has been spilled when filling the oiler and has formed a small pool around the junction of the clear acrylic and the black valve body.
  • Oil has collected here as a result of the oiler being installed near the chain and chain fling is hitting the oiler.
  • The oiler has been over filled and excess oil is being forced out of the breather hole in the cap, subsequently running down the side of the oiler and pooling around the base.

Please note that when the Oiler was assembled, we used oil to lubricate the O ring seal before snapping the clear acrylic tube into the black valve body. A little of this oil may be be visible in the gap between these components. This is quite normal and does not indicate a leak.

To check if there is a leak, wipe off any excess oil and leave the oiler unit overnight. If a fresh oil pool has formed around the rim of the black valve body in the morning, it indicates leaking.

These are the main causes of a crack/leak at the base of the reservoir tube

  • The unit has suffered chemical attack.
  • The unit has suffered heat fatigue – the plastic has distorted due to excess heat causing a seal failure.
  • The unit has suffered a stone strike fracturing the Acrylic tube.
  • The Cap has swollen due to chemical attack and has been forced into the reservoir tube splitting the clear acrylic tube.

Can my unit be repaired?

In most cases we can repair your unit. Please contact us with a brief description of  the damage and we can advise you accordingly

Consumable items

Whilst all our products are built with durable, quality materials, the time may come when you may need to replace the consumable components such as Nozzles etc.

The nozzle is by its very nature, a consumable item. If fitted correctly and securely, very little wear will occur.

Please note we cannot be held responsible for normal wear and tear or accidental damage to the nozzle. Click here to access our parts catalogue

Warranty Claims

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