Our Mission

The TUTORO concept is all about stripping away the unnecessary, the extraneous and the expensive leaving only the essential and useful elements, we have carried this concept throughout our product range and instead of adding cost, complexity and overheads and so increasing the purchase price for our customers we have concentrated on the engineering, we are very, very keen on the engineering 🙂

What do we mean by that?, well take the TUTORO Auto for instance, we had the plastic injection moulds that form the main body of the unit made from super tough, pre-hardened Swedish Steel to preserve accuracy and uniformity even after extensive long term use but it doesn’t stop there. Each moulded part is precision finish machined to an accuracy of 5 microns!- that’s five thousandths of a millimetre or to put it another way – 20 timesthinner than a human hair- to us there’s no such thing as “just about right”.

How come this high quality precision device isn’t hundreds of pounds to buy then?
The Auto doesn’t come with any fancy packaging, we don’t run massive adverts in glossy magazines and we don’t run a dealer network, each and every TUTORO unit is made and despatched from our small Gloucestershire factory.

So what does all this mean to you the customer? it means that all you pay for is “the Oiler, the Oiler and nothing but the Oiler”, a precision engineered device delivered to your door in plain suitably protective packaging.