500ml TUTORO Chain Oil Plus 25


Now in easy to use resealable extending spout Bottle!

TUTORO chain oil is a significant step in the fight against wear and corrosion on your chain. It contains a specially chosed blend of ultra modern oils and additives to supress corrosion and prevent wear, TUTORO chain oil will not only lubricate but will also clean your chain.

Our “starter” 100ml oil bottle will fill a TUTORO manual oiler reservoir more than 10 times- thats up to 50 hours of riding! so this 500ML refill should last you 250 hours! – its only 15 hours to the Alps from London!

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Corrosion and wear occur when contaminants remain on the surface of the chain, conventional spray-on lubricants are formulated to be sticky so that they remain on the chain. This is better than no lubrication at all but the downside is that all manner of contaminants – road grit, dust and salt also stick to the chain building up into a kind of grinding paste – a highly abrasive and corrosive cocktail that will reduce the life of your chain and spockets.

Its long been known that a continuous drip feed of lubricant dramatically extends the service life of chain and sprocket sets. What isnt so well known is why. Drip feed “liquid oil” lubricators such as the TUTORO apply a small amount of lubricant to the chain continuously, this does three very important things.

  • TUTORO Chain oil is thin enough to penetrate all the intricate wear surfaces of the chain and because of the additives, form a protective shield between them.
  • TUTORO Chain oil “washes away” any particles of dirt/salt etc – this is flung off in the normal course of events as the now contaminated oil is heavier with foreign particles.
  • TUTORO chain oil’s anti-corrosion additives coat the chain and sprockets and help neutralise any corrosive traces left by contaminants.

So, if you want the best, the very best, for your chain, fill your TUTORO Chain oiler kit with TUTORO Chain oil, a small investment now will save you small fortune in replacement chain and sprocket sets later.


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